Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate, and Revel in Your AMAZING Life
MAY 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th 2016
Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa


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Join women’s business coach extraordinaire, Caterina Rando, VIP guest presenters and other incredible women entrepreneurs for an exclusive gathering of personal transformation, pampering and putting attention on what is possible for YOU!

During our special time together, you will…

  • Expand your personal network, as you connect with other quality women, who are also ready to experience a quantum leap, toward living their ideal personal and business lives.
  • Participate in interactive, possibility-focused sessions in a supportive environment, that will allow you to see yourself, and all that you can do and be, from a new more expansive perspective.
  • VIP Guest Presenters

Caterina has invited two guest presenters that will provide, insightful and engaging sessions that will allow you to heal or reveal what has been keeping you stuck.

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The Breakthrough Luxury Retreat was one of the most amazing experiences. It was an incredible gift to be able to gather with like-minded women growing successful businesses and have an opportunity to share, open up, relax and have fun. Plus, the high level of care was off the charts wonderful. This put me in a space of being able to receive, which was very rejuvenating, which filled me up to be able to go back out afterward and serve my clients and community at a whole new level. It was an gold_closing_quotes_01honor to be a part of this elite group and I plan to do it again.

—Maggie Schreiber, Certified Dream Coach, Founder of Women of Wonder


Best of All,

You will leave behind your busy life and step into the wonder and beauty of this world-class resort. Here you will reconnect with your personal power, hear your inner wisdom, and release any constraints on your prosperity and complete happiness.


Your Personal Breakthrough Luxury Retreat VIP Amenities include:

star_GOLD_WEBWelcome VIP reception on our first evening together

star_GOLD_WEBDaily complimentary evening wine tasting from local vintners

star_GOLD_WEB Complimentary guided morning hikes

star_GOLD_WEB Complimentary fitness classes and access to the fitness center

star_GOLD_WEB Complimentary WI-FI in your room

star_GOLD_WEB Complimentary parking

star_GOLD_WEB Vintners select bottle of wine in your room upon arrival

star_GOLD_WEB Gourmet breakfast included each morning

star_GOLD_WEB Gourmet lunch on each day of our retreat


And, that’s not all…

There will be a few more Breakthrough Luxury Retreat surprises planned, those will be shared with you when you join us.


Since I met Caterina a couple of years ago, my world has positively exploded. My business has quadrupled in the number of wonderful clients we serve and my confidence and joy as a successful businesswoman has quadrupled too. As a result of my work with Caterina, many wonderful opportunities have come to me and many new fabulous new clients have dropped in my lap. I have already attended two gold_closing_quotes_01Breakthrough Luxury Retreats, and I cannot wait for the third as I know it will serve as a catalyst for me achieving even more.
—Tammy Tribble, Business Branding Specialist, Web Designer


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Take time for YOU, and pamper yourself, in this luxurious environment ideal for personal insight, creativity, and exploring the possibilities of what is next and possible in your business and life.

Of course, you can go to the Napa Valley anytime, so why bother being a part of the Personal Breakthrough Luxury Retreat?

Because everything will be arranged for you…special rates and extra amenities have been negotiated, and the value that you will gain from the breakthrough sessions is priceless…not to mention the new, special, friendships you will cultivate.



Andrea-woolfgold_opening_quotes_01Wow! What an experience. I went to the Breakthrough Luxury Retreat to meet some great women, have fun and get pampered. What I gained was new, fabulous friends, marvelous memories, insight and transformation that has positively impacted my business and an increased awareness that I do have everything gold_closing_quotes_01I need to get where I am going and serve the people I want to serve.

I cannot wait to attend the next one.

—Andrea Woolf, Author and The Queen of Having It All 



Personal Breakthrough Luxury Retreat Host


I am so excited to invite you to our very special annual event. In 2016 this will be our fourth Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for women. This event is all about success from the inside out. Because no matter what strategies you learn, you will not put them into practice if you feel like you do not have value to bring or you worry about what other people will think or if you let fear or anxiety interfere with you taking action.

This event is a unique opportunity for you to put attention on you the CEO of your organization to discover how you can BE better at being yourself in order to better do your thing and serve your people. You have so much massive value to bring. This event will help you bring it.

Be sure to let me know if you are interested in discussing if this event is a good match for you.

Email me and we can schedule a time for us to talk cat@caterinarando.com

If you would simply like updates and to find out about other retreats click here. 

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Per person, based on double occupancy, $3600.

Multi-pay option, six payments of $600.

Single person supplement, or for a non-participating guest sharing

your hotel room, $1297. includes welcome reception and breakfast daily for guest.

Full Payment Option $3400.00 (Best Value)

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The Breakthrough Luxury Retreat came at the perfect time. It was only once I got there that I realized I could really use some time for reflection, rejuvenation and gaining clarity on what is next. I thought I was going to network, learn a few things and expand my network. Instead, what I came away with is a community of women I call my friends, my confidants, my referral partners and great resources. I strongly encourage every woman who wants to increase her revenue and take her business to the next level to attend this event. gold_closing_quotes_01There is more for you than you will realize and the benefits to your heart and soul as well as your bottom line will be many.
—Linda Lenore, Founder Green Chi Designs, Feng Shui Master



Look at all the fun we had this year at the 2014 Breakthrough Luxury Retreat.



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Look at our exciting location for the 2015 Breakthrough Luxury Retreat.

Attending Caterina’s luxury retreat was the best thing I did for my business this year. It was something that I absolutely needed, I was overdue to rejuvenate and pamper myself in a place of luxury. Igold_closing_quotes_01t was the most amazing, life-changing experience. When I went back to work I felt nourished, I felt refreshed and alive. I cannot wait to attend the next one.

—Angeli Fitch, Criminal Defense Attorney